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Through education and advocacy the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors cultivates a thriving home inspection industry based on the highest standards of professional development and ethical standards. In doing so, OAHI cultivates the ‘gold standard’ for home inspectors among consumers and the government. OAHI is the only provincially recognized body of home inspectors by The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994. OAHI is a not-for-profit association.

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Home inspectors cannot perform “invasive” assessments; wall coverings, flooring, cannot be damaged, furniture is not moved, storage not tampered with. Normal operating controls are used.

Components or systems that are inoperable, unsafe or concealed cannot be operated / inspected.

Home inspectors do not provide an opinion on market value or provide a purchase recommendation, or a “pass / fail” conclusion; the inspection report gives the client an objective assessment of the property at the time of inspection.

A home inspection is not a guarantee or warranty on the home; it is an assessment of the condition of the home at the time of inspection.

OAHI member inspectors do not provide repair services for homes inspected, to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

For sellers, an inspection will identify items in the home that need repair or replacement prior to listing the home. Correcting the issues will help reduce roadblocks during the transaction, or quotes can be gathered for work needed to assist with negotiations.

For home buyers, the inspection report provides a clear snapshot of property including safety concerns, high-cost repairs, and recommended upgrades. The report is an invaluable tool for the buyer to make an educated purchase decision, and then correct defects when needed.

To provide the best access to a home at inspection, the Homeowner / Realtor should:

  • Ensure all utilities are hooked up
  • Trim back bushes and remove storage from exterior walls and vents
  • Move storage away from walls in the house, garage and any outbuildings
  • Keep electrical outlets accessible, replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Move under-sink storage from kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ensure all pilot lights are on (stoves, fireplaces etc.)
  • Wood burning appliances should not be in use, cleaned and cool
  • Provide access to mechanicals such as the furnace, water heater, gas meter, electrical panels and water meter / shutoff valves
  • Make the attic hatch available; if the hatch is in a closet, the closet should be emptied of storage
  • Make arrangements for pets during the inspection, and remove pet waste from the yard

In Ontario, there are no government-mandated licensing requirements for Home Inspectors. Finding a properly educated and experienced inspector is critical when buying or selling a home.

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is the only home inspection association recognized by the Government of Ontario (Bill Pr158, 1994). OAHI endeavours to enforce common competency among member inspectors. Our Member Qualification System requires members to progress through stages of education and experience to provide a qualified home inspection service, including:

  • Completion of a home inspection educational program from an OAHI recognized community college based on OAHI Standards of Practice
  • Practical training (peer mentoring)
  • Peer review of report writing
  • Default recognition and reporting course
  • Minimum 150 inspections for Associate level, 200 inspections at RHI level
  • Ontario Building Code Part 9 courses
  • Ongoing education requirements annually
  • OAHI – Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
  • RHI – Registered Home Inspector
  • CEU’s – Continuing Education Credits
  • SOP – Standards of Practice
  • MQS – Membership Qualification System
  • DPPC – Discipline & Professional Practices Committee
  • DRRC – Defect Recognition and Reporting Course
  • BOD – Board of Director
  • BOE – Board of Examiners
  • EPC – Education Programs Committee
  • TRC – Technical Review Committee
  • P&P – Policy & Procedures