Buying a Home

Buying a house may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. When you find the house that is right for you, you need to find a home inspector to educate you about the condition of your new home. This is a commonplace and a wise decision, even when buying a newly constructed home; the additional peace of mind that a professional home inspection offers is invaluable.

Condominium Inspections and Carbon Monoxide

OAHI’s past president Murray Parish RHI did a condominium inspection and found a potentially hazardous carbon monoxide issue. This is why home inspections are so important and should be mandatory, especially for first-time homebuyers. View Murray’s video below about the concern.

Find an Inspector That You Trust

Choosing an OAHI Inspector means choosing someone you can trust to objectively and independently provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the home’s major systems and components—apart from anyone’s interests other than your own. Visit our find an inspector page to find an inspector near you.