There are several types in use today, the most common being the Class #4 Leeching Bed.

Without getting too technical, here is an overview of the process of this Septic System design.

The system is made up of (1) Septic Tank (2) Leeching Bed. The treatment process begins with the waste being either fluid or solids flowing into the main drainage system within the house. It flows from the house into the Septic Tank (bacteria chamber), From the Septic Tank it flows into the Leeching Bed as a liquid (effluent). Then the effluent filters through the leeching bed (Sand, gravel, and drainage pipes) and then into the surrounding ground.

The Well (Private water source)

There are several types of wells, most common today are dug and drilled. A dug well is usually a concrete tile, 36 inches round and dug to the water table. A drilled well is usually a steel casing (to bedrock), 6 inches round and bored to the water table. The owner of the well is to maintain it in accordance to